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“During the last two years Jo Lucas has provided us with two detailed reports in her role as outside evaluator related to grants we have received from the European Union.  We have found her to be a highly skilled professional and a very effective communicator in her interactions with our members.  Her reports have provided us with a great deal of useful information, and we appreciate the work she has done for our organization.”

-EUROPA DONNA – The European Breast Cancer Coalition




Having worked with Jo for several years on a project to develop social work education in Georgia, I was impressed by her commitment and passion for social work. Jo is a highly motivated, enthusiastic and organised professional who retains a clear focus on the values and ethics of social work. Jo has an excellent knowledge of the global context of social work practice and is able to deliver social work education and training that is empowering and effective for local practitioners but also supports the development of international networks and collaboration.

Jane Mclenachan Head of the Social Work and Health Studies Division at DMU, and Chair of the Learning & Teaching Committee of the Joint University Council



Jo has carried out several evaluations for MHE.  Her style is reflective and participative and she ensures that both the content of the proejct and the process of its implementation are linked in the evaluation.  Her analysis of the responses from the membership has always proved insightful and useful for MHE.
Mary Van Dievel, Director, Mental Health Europe




Since 2005 I am working with Jo Lucas in an EU financed Tempus projects: “Establishing SW Education in Georgia” (ESWEG) and “Advancing the three Cycle System in Social Work Education in six European Countries” (ACES).


For me it is amazing to observe how sensible and effective Jo is acting in a completely different cultural and academic environment. Her intercultural competences are outstanding and brought the project smoothly through troubled times. Jo Lucas has displayed unusual sensitivity to Georgian academic and cultural environment.  She has gained the respect of our department as an engaged professional and as someone who was concerned about development of Social Work profession and education in Georgia.  Her ability to effectively negotiate the difficulties of Georgian life thus far also is a testimony to her ability to succeed and to her depth of character. 


Jo Lucas and I have engaged in several discussions about the importance of the social work profession for and especially developed contries like Georgia is, facing culture and practice of adequate  social services for volnurable groups.  It was obvious to me that she holds this issue in high regard and is well informed about current debates. 


It is a pleasure to have her in the team and we are all profiting from her project management skills: six countries, many complex tasks and diverse academic and professional traditions have to be coordinated and Jo Lucas’ contribution to that is of preeminent importance.


We, me and my team at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi University in Tbilisi, are constantly learning from her experience, enjoying her humour and profiting from her commitment.


Prof. Dr Iago Kachkachishvili, Head of the Department of Sociology and Social Work, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia




I can commend Jo Lucas for her comprehensive abilities with project development, management and evaluation - all of which she undertakes with unfailing good humour. It is always a joy to work with her.

Professor Mark Doel. Professor Emeritus, Sheffield Hallam University, 2011




Jo actually listened to us and thought about our views and experience. This is the first time a western consultant has taken the trouble to do this.

Leader Day Centre in Georgia