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I have been involved in developing social work education in Slovenia, Ukraine, Georgia and across central and eastern Europe since 1992. I lived and worked in Kiev, Ukraine for three years as part of the team that initiated the first School of Social Work, and the first Masters programme opened in 1995. I developed and taught a number of courses and worked closely with local NGOs to develop the skills of the staff working there. The Innovations and Supervision in Social Work programme I designed and implemented brought together professionals, academics and practitioners from Ukraine, UK and Slovenia to work on developing innovations in practice as well as developing a cadre of people with supervision skills.


I have been working with the Dept of Social Work at Tbilisi State University for the last six years. They have now completed the Three Cycle System identified by the Bologna process and offer social work education at Bachelor, Masters and PhD levels. I designed and managed the ESWEG and ACES projects and taught at the University.


I have been closely involved with the development of a module on International Social Work that has been taught in three different Universities. I taught modules of this course in Ukraine and Lithuania.