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RSA Super Sparks Whole Person Recovery Programme

The RSA programme is offering small grants to people with innovative ideas as part of their whole person recovery prgramme. I was part of a panel judging presentations and awarding two grants -one for developing a garden in Gravesend where people with experience of drug and alcohol problems can spend time to relax and enjoy nature, the other to do some research into new services like Dry Bars.


Mental Health Europe - A chance to thrive

Nessa Childers MEP and MHE are holding  an event in the European parliament  looking at positive employment options for young people with mental health problems. For information go to www.mhe-sme.org. 


Assertiveness Course-taking back you power. Next workshop starts 27th May 2014

I completed the first assertiveness course with 6 women which was great fun last autumn. The women who particpated all said they got an enormous amount from it including learning new skills and having an opportunity to practice them in a safe space.  They all really enjoyed being part of a group and learning both about being assertive and responding to assertive statements.The next one will be for 6 Tuesdaye evenings in May/June 2014. Watch this space for more information.


Europa Donna

I  particpated in their Ensuring Quality Services and Equal Access conference in Prague in October.  This was a fascinating event full of interesting presentations about new developments in breast cancer research and treatment.


Mental Health Europe Conference

The conference is being held in collaboration with Sto Kolori and will be held in Split, Croatia. It is entitled From individual to collective responsibility:the social determinants of mental health.  I will be running a workshop looking at the difficulties and joys of international collaboration. The conference will be a great opportunity to network with people from the mental health world across Europe, to refresh your energy and motivation for working in this difficult field.



Resilience Workshops

These are planned for the autumn for people who want to develop the skills of resilience and to learn how to deal with stress in their lives more effectively. Each week we will focus on a different topic like assertiveness, increasing self esteem, dealing with bullying at work.  The group will run on 1 evening a week for 6 weeks, cost 30 a session and will be held at the Cambridge Counselling Service.

info@cambridgecounselling service.co.uk   or call   07590 107455


ACES Project completed

The ACES project, designed to develop social work edcuation in Georgia and Ukraine ended in January 20112 after three hard working and very successful years. Having written the original proposal for the Tempus programme, my role was to manage the implementation by the six partner universities.  The project team worked together to achieve all the project objectives which included developing a PhD in Georgia and Ukraine,  a new Masters programme in Western Ukraine, initiating a Certificate in social work in Western Georgia, publishing a new journal and introducing a common International Social Work module. The courses are all integrated into the University curricula and the Journal of Social Work and Social Policy in Transition will continue to be published by Whiting and Birch.   I shall really miss managing  this team as we have developed effective and productive working relationships.


New Tempus programme submitted

A Tempus programme, led by the Lithunaian University of Education, designed to take social work education further across Georgia and to develop competency based modules has been submited to the EU. It builds on the work we have been doing over the last six years in Georgia.  This new project will ensure there is access to good quality professional social work education across the country. We will know in August or September whether the proposal has been successful and work will begin in October.


Teaching in Lithuania

I was in Vilnius at the end of November teaching on the International Social work programme at the Vilnius Pedagogical University,now Lithuanian University of Education,  as part of the ACES programme. I taught the module on INGOs and their role to a group of social work students and made a presentation to a conference held in the Lithuanian parliament.


ACES final conference

In September 2011 I was in Batumi on the Black Sea coast of Georgia for the final Conference of the ACES programme. There were presentations from all six universities looking at the development of social work education across Eastern Europe. As one of the conference visitors said the event really illustrated how much had been achieved in the three years- 2 PhD programmes, new courses in the regions,  a new journal, an ISW module and a parallel award.