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My background of working in organisations, running management development training, consulting with managers, running projects linked to organisations, has given me a good understanding of how they work and what goes wrong for people in them. Combined with my background in psychotherapy and counselling, this means that I offer a more in-depth and personalised approach to enabling people to resolve their problems at work, in organisations. I offer individual coaching to people  experienceing stress at work, feeling unable to develop their skills and looking to develop more resilience to deal with issues at work.


These sessions offer you an opportunity to think through what is happening at work, support to develop some new strategies for responding to it. During the sessions I will be curious about the details of your experiences at work, how you feel about it, how othes are responding to you and what changes you would like to make. I will offer suggestions about you might be able to achieve those changes and find new ways to respond to the events that arise.


I am also a very experienced trainer and group facilitator. I have run courses and workshops for staff groups and professional groups looking at issues like team, and management and organisational development.


My experience of running a succesful small business gives me the background to offering mentoring to people wanting to start their own busines or stuck as to how to develop further. I am part of the GetMentoring programme run by SFEDI.


Coaching is offered in central Cambridge or at a location of your choice, fees are 50 a session.  I usually suggest a series of 6 x 1 hour sessions, with the option of a follow up meeting after three or four months.